FlatCdRipper: rip your CDs with this freeware tool

A free and simple audio CD ripper, designed with simplicity in mind. Rips and encodes tracks in WAV, MP3 or OGG formats. Supports track titles retrieval and settings templates. Can also be installed as a portable app.

FlatCdRipper: First standalone version of FlatCdRipper is now available

FlatCdRipper is now made available as a standalone product (previously it was included only in Hamster Audio Player package). FlatCdRipper is an audio cd ripping utility, which aims to be simple, fast and lightweight. We hope we've achieved at least one of our premises.

You can downlad the application here.

FlatCdRipper is a cd ripping utility that can extract data from audio CD and export into WAV, MP3 or OGG files. FlatCdRipper can also retrieve CD and track's info from CDDB databases over internet (FreeDB is our default...). Originally included in Hamster Audio Player package is now made available also as a standalone application, as requested by some users. Developed with simplicity in mind, I hope it could be useful to someone other than me. Requires Lame MP3 Encoder. In this release:

  • Hopefully fixed some annoying bugs
  • Added tracklist print feature
  • More playback functionalities added

Note: This version uses IOTCL for reading data from CD (CdRip.dll is no more used, due to its gpl licensing model). Rip phase is a lot faster than before: as a drawback, I was forced to implement a new mechanism for jitter correction; the bad is that I was unable to test it, cause all the cd drives I've tested doesn't seems to suffer problems in accurate seeking of sectors...so please report us any sign of improper rip (small "clicks" or "loops" in ripped audio), or, if you know for sure that your drive is usually subject to jitter phenomenon let us know if correction works properly.