Screenshots batch editing

by Steno 19. marzo 2012 19:59

With release 1.5.4 of Snappy, I've finally published a set of features which will hopefully make easier to work with multiple screenshots. Among the other things, I've added 'Batch operations', which will let to apply an effect to all the selected screenshots, even the newest one such as 'Drop shadow' and 'Fracture border' (the screenshot in this post is an example of the latest). I hope you can find it useful!

New version of Snappy can be found here. There's also a portable version, here it is.

As usual, feedbacks are welcome!

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Ok, capture, but stay invisible...

by Steno 5. marzo 2012 19:11

As asked by many user, I've added a new capture mode that allows users to retrieve "alpha channel" info of windows with transparency elements (borders, shadows, glass panels). It's quite a workaround and a bit rude, but for the most part it works as expected: to recover alpha I simply take two screenshots of the window, one with a black bakground, the other with a white one. This approach is more or less the same illustrated by Ian Griffiths in his blog (thank you for the idea and the explanation...). This mode must be enabled in settings, otherwise Snappy will continue to use default capture mode.

That said, in this new version I'va also added useful features (well, at least for me...):

  • Open with external app
  • Selection tool in screenshot editor (currently only rectangle selection, but list will grow...)
  • Add images from file system
  • Cut/paste screenshot selection
Many bugs were fixed, but others have probably been added, so feedback are more than welcome...

Good captures everyone!

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