All the same...OldBar default style

by Steno 21. agosto 2012 18:54

OldBar 1.2.2 is available here. I've finally managed to add the "Set as default style" feature, requested by many users. You can now define a button style, so that it will be applied to every button added. Hope it works as expected...

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It's finally hiding itself...OldBar 1.2.0

by Steno 9. febbraio 2012 18:44

Thanks to Davit T., I've fixed a tedious bug on OldBar autohide function, which was preventing the bar to hide itself when focus was gained (the hell knows if I've used right tenses...). While I was on that, I've also added a basic theme support.

You can find the new version here. Feedbacks are more than welcome!

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